Proudly re-introduced by TRADSTOCKS.

Whin is a highly versatile stone with properties similar to Granite.

At Tradstocks we have pioneered the re-introduction of Scottish Whin into the hard landscaping and building stone market.

It is a hard, durable Quartz Dolerite stone found in the Midland Valley of Scotland. Whin was used extensively in the past.

TRADSTOCKS Scottish Whin on the saw table

TRADSTOCKS Scottish Whin on the saw table

Traditionally Scottish

Robust in it's strength and colouring, Whin is now one of our signature stones, it is the epitome of traditional Scottish stone. Historically used throughout the UK and widely exported as paving material. Scottish Whin is a stone known by sight and reputation if not by name.

It has been used for thousands of years, from ancient celtic livestock pens to castles and hundreds of miles of streets. These structures have stood the test of time and Whin has become an integral part of Scotland's globally admired built heritage. 


  • A range of products exclusive to TRADSTOCKS.
  • Quarried and processed in Scotland.
  • 200% less CO² than imported lookalikes.
  • MADE OF SCOTLAND mark of assurance.
  • Several finishes available.
  • Granite like properties.

Dark grey to blue grey with areas of red or light grey flecks with the occasional mineral vein. It is an very attractive stone and comes alive in certain lighting conditions. 





Technical Specifications
Description: Coarse to medium grained Gabbro/Dolorite
Age: Late Carboniferous. Approximately 300 Million Years Old
Origin: Stirling, Scotland.
Density: 2990 Kg/M³
Compressive Strength: 209MPa (BS EN 1926:2006)
Water Absorption: 0.3% (BS EN 772-11:2011)
Porosity: 0.5% (BS EN 1936:2006)
Flexural Strength: 23.9 (BS EN 12372:2006)
Abrasion Resistance: 17MM (BS EN 1341:2000 [Suitable for intensive use] 
Annex C)
Slip Potential: Low (BS EN 1341:2001 Annex D)


  • Masonry (load bearing walls)
  • External Paving
  • Internal Flooring
  • Monuments, Including Carving. 
  • Hard Landscaping & Street Furniture
  • Walling
  • Kerbs & Traffic Calming
  • Cobblestone Setts

Scottish Whin - Reference Projects & Products




Exclusive to Tradstocks, from out Pertshire quarry. This warm pink gritstone runs with a pleasing variation in colour.


Working closely with other reginal and specialist quarries, Tradstocks are able to source some of the finest stones in the world.


Our artisanal warm white stone that carries a classically coarse texture and  sedimentary variations.